Spark Tank

Gal. 5:14 - “For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, You shall love your neighbor as yourself”

Be a spirit entrepreneur, and remind others what being a Christ follower looks like in everyday life. 

Spark Tank is a St. Andrew summer program that offers matching funds for innovative ways for you to love your neighbor outside the church walls. Big or small projects – every idea matters. 

What random act of kindness can you imagine?

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Four Easy Steps

Spark Tank is easy! You raise funds for a project, and we match your funds.


How can you serve?


Fill out the form on our website.


Spread the love of Christ!


Post on social media, tell others


DISD Washers and Dryers

Tom Hayden was once a poverty-stricken child attending Mills Elementary – at least when he wasn't skipping class from the stigma of unwashed clothing. Thanks to Tom, and help from a Spark Tank project, today's Mills families are free of such a burden.

baton rouge letters

Letter after letter told the story: In a community devastated by disaster, this project gave students hope and normalcy.