Gal. 5:14 - “For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, You shall love your neighbor as yourself”

Be a spirit entrepreneur. 

Spark Tank is a St. Andrew summer program that offers matching funds for innovative ways for you to love your neighbor. Big or small projects - every idea matters. Put your faith into action by serving someone outside of the church walls. 

What random act of kindness can you imagine?

Spark Tank | DISD Washers and Dryers

Tom Hayden was once a poverty-stricken child attending Mills Elementary – at least when he wasn't skipping class from the stigma of unwashed clothing. Thanks to Tom, and help from a Spark Tank project, today's Mills families are free of such a burden.

The goal of Spark Tank is to be a reminder to those around us what being a Christ follower looks like in everyday life.

Spark Tank projects may be something as big as helping to renovate an older home or paying to have someone’s air-conditioning repaired. Or they can may be something as simple as buying a gift card for your grocery store cashier or paying off someone's layaway bill.



Spark Tank applications open again on Memorial Day Weekend, 2018. Projects will be asked to:

  • Include hands-on involvement
    Don’t just make a donation — get involved and let people know why you are doing this!
  • Provide service to our community outside of the St. Andrew walls
    It's not intended to provide support for existing St. Andrew programs or facilities, including our local mission project of The Storehouse of Collin County.  For more information on or communication with The Storehouse, click here..
  • Create opportunities to set an example of Christian love in action
    What can you do for someone else this summer that puts your faith into action?
  • (If desired) Request Spark Tank matching funds of up to $1,000 per person
    Group projects may be approved for higher matching. Youth projects do not require personal investment.
  • Provide visual documentation of project (video, pictures, etc.) that we may share on social media.
    The purpose of sharing your projects and stories is not to be prideful, but to encourage one another in good deeds and to remind the world what Christianity is all about. Lets change the perception about who Christians are and IGNITE one another to action!


  • Purchase materials (if applicable)
  • Save receipts
  • Do the project
  • Take pictures and video
  • Share online with the #sparktank hashtag
  • Turn in receipts and check request form
    (the form will be sent once approved)
  • Receive reimbursement of 50% of monies spent 

Additional Notes

  • Help promote your project using our marketing guide! 
    Click here to download the Spark Tank Marketing Guide.
  • Would you like to participate in a Spark Tank project that has already been approved? Click here to go to our Signup Genius page with projects looking for more volunteers!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for Spark Tank matching funds?

First, pray. Look around your community, and pray for what random act of kindness you can do to create an impact for God for our neighbors.

Second, decide. Find that one thing you know you can do, and decide to make that a reality.

Third, apply. Your application will go to a committee, and once approved, they’ll let you know all of the next steps.

What is required of me?

Above all else, a desire to show love to our neighbors (defined as widely as you can imagine). That’s what this is all about! Then, we’re asking that everyone but the students contribute half of the funds for their respective projects. We have $166,000 to give out this summer, and with your help, we can turn that into over $300,000. Finally, we ask to you take lots of pictures and videos and post them to social media using #SparkTank. With some notice, we may even be able to bring our own camera crew to film alongside you!

How long do you take applications?

All summer long! Memorial Day to Labor Day. You haven’t missed your opportunity to be a part of this movement.

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

Anything that serves someone outside of the walls of St. Andrew and that takes some action on your part (not just donating money to a charity that already exists). Think of something that YOU can do for someone else and let us know how we can help you fund it. It doesn’t have to be hard labor. It can be paying someone else’s bill or paying for a repair man to fix something for someone who can’t afford it.

How much money will be granted?

Individual projects can be matched up to $1,000 per project and group projects can be matched up to $5,000 per project. Projects that are initiated by our youth do NOT require them to put up the matching funds.

How do I get my matching funds?

First submit your proposal through the Spark Tank website and get approval! Then, submit your receipts for the dollar amount that you want reimbursed along with a St. Andrew check request form (you will be sent that when your project is approved). Once your project is approved, someone on the Spark Tank Committee will be in touch to guide you through the reimbursement process.

Can I participate in Spark Tank without asking for matching funds?

Absolutely, the matching funds are just there to try and get people motivated and to help in situations where financial help is needed to accomplish your goal! To join a current project, check back next summer.

Any special criteria?

We do ask that you 1) don’t propose something that the St. Andrew staff will have to sustain after you are finished! This is about what YOU can do, and 2) do not propose something that involves our Food/Clothing Pantry clients. They have their own Board of Directors which must approve what projects they undertake and they have their own long term vision and knowledge of how best to incorporate new ideas for their client base.

Can I hire someone to do the work?

Yes, if it is needed because of equipment or skill (for example, if plumbing needs to be fixed). But remember, the point is for YOU to be involved with someone who will experience God’s love through your actions. Our goal is to fulfill Matthew 5:16! If you are going to hire someone to mow someone’s lawn, for example, make sure that you talk to the recipient and that they know why you are doing it!

Can you help me spread the word about why we are doing this?

Yes! We have #sparktank signs that you can use on your projects and we have “business cards” that we would love for you to hand out with your project that explain what Spark Tank is all about. We also have #sparktank T-shirts that we’d love for you to wear when you do your project!