Latest Stories

Between Friends | The Smiths and Floras

"I'll tell you how much I trust this guy – I bought a boat from him." Through all the laughs and tough times, this relationship shows us the importance of holy friendship.

Between Friends | The Heckels

There's something different about friendships rooted in the church.

Spark Tank | DISD Washers and Dryers

Tom Hayden was once a poverty-stricken child attending Mills Elementary – at least when he wasn't skipping class from the stigma of unwashed clothing. Thanks to Tom, and help from a Spark Tank project, today's Mills families are free of such a burden.

Permanent Endowment Fund

Imagine a gift that never goes away, a gift that forever provides for future generations of the St. Andrew family. Dean Clubb, Permanent Endowment Fund board chair, shares how you can plan to make this a reality.

St. Andrew Preschool

St. Andrew Preschool is a big step in the faith journeys of our families. Check out what makes this nationally accredited program so special!

2017 Advent | Project Hope, Jasmin Flores

Jasmin Flores was grieving at 25, got the shingles, and needed to make serious life changes. Project Hope helped empower her healing process.

2017 Advent | A Week in the Life of The Storehouse

There's something they don't tell you about volunteering with The Storehouse – you'll become a family before you know it.

2017 Advent | The Storehouse of Collin County

Take an inside look at how the three-strand Storehouse serves a large, often unrecognized need in Collin County.

Behind the Curtain No. 3

Bill Gerlach, our Building Chair, sees a rare vantage point while delivering more updates on Sanctuary construction and renovation.

St. Andrew Short | Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Thanks to everyone who helped make Thanksgiving even more special for people in our community!

Salt & Light Choir

"It was so important that we were there, for people who needed to see the face of God after such a tragedy." — Salt & Light Student Choir has transformed the lives of generations of St. Andrew students and the places in which they have ministered.

Roommate vs. House Guest | Matthew McCombs

A sermon by Pastor Arthur Jones on the Jewish faith helped Matthew McCombs and his family see the service mindset at St. Andrew. Through some struggle and uncomfortableness, they found the peace that comes with giving freely.

Behind the Curtain No. 2

Bill Gerlach, St. Andrew Building Chair, updates us on construction and renovation progress in the Sanctuary.

Messenger of Hope Scholarship | Bryna Talamantez

The Messenger of Hope Scholarship assisted Bryna Talamantez in her darkest moments. With aid, she turned tragedy into help and hope for others.


What does it mean when we say "Christian-ish" in our mission statement, and what can we do about it?

Born To Run | Series Intro

When Jesus tells us to "go and make disciples", perhaps the most important word is the first one: Go. Discipleship is something we do in body and spirit; we were born to run.

Spark Tank | Patriot Paws

"Especially for veterans that have been in combat, tranquility is something they don't find very often." — Thanks to Spark Tank's matching funds, Patriot Paws Service Dogs became an even more peaceful place to relax and reflect.

St. Andrew Short | Music Camp 2017

When's the last time a pro performer taught you The Lion King musical? That's the experience our children had at Music Camp.

Camp Impact 2017

Friends, worship, plus a whole lotta mud made Camp Impact 2017 a blast for campers and volunteers alike.

Camp Bridgeport 2017

Children experienced the love of God and friendship at Camp Bridgeport.

Spark Tank | Promise House

When Promise House requested miniature jail cells and handcuffs for a play therapy room, these two student community service groups were shocked. With Spark Tank's support, they learned how this room will save and transform children's lives.

Spark Tank | Pop Up Party

In this Spark Tank project, Christ's love shined through random acts of kindness for those in our community.

Spark Tank | 5th Grade Letters

Letter after letter told the story: In a community devastated by disaster, a Spark Tank project gave students hope and normalcy.

Vacation Bible School 2017

Children at our Gizmos and Gadgets Vacation Bible School learned about how much God loves them, and how much each of our lives means to God.

Student Mission Trip | Evan's Story

High school senior Evan Shanes suffered from anxiety and wasn't sure he could overcome it to attend the annual student mission trip. But God worked in Evan's heart, and many others, to move mightily among the Baton Rouge community.

Student Mission Trip | The Landrys

It's almost unthinkable how much loss JJ and Ira Landry suffered in 2016 – including their house in the massive Baton Rouge floods. St. Andrew students served the Landrys and many others on the 2017 Mission Trip.

St. Andrew Children | The Wonsmos Family

"They learned about the fiery furnace and the men who did not burn. Because who kept them safe?" "Jesus!" — As the Wonsmos family can attest, children at St. Andrew learn early and often how much they are loved by Jesus.

ChurchOne | Celebration Event

As our capital campaign shapes the future of St. Andrew, we pray it becomes clear what God wants to do through each of us.

Charles Stokes Scholarship Fund | Rev. Allison Jean

Not everyone in Allison Jean's community supported the call to ministry she expressed in high school. But thanks to much more support – plus monetary aid from the Charles Stokes Scholarship Fund – she's now Rev. Allison Jean.

St. Andrew Short | St. Andrew Preschool Farm Day

St. Andrew Preschool students got an up close look at life on the farm – meeting some furry, or feathered, friends along the way – during Farm Day.

Connection Groups

Connection Groups offer spiritual family, service opportunities, and social fun among friends.

ChurchOne | Vision

Incredible transformation happens when we meet the needs of our community. Take a look at some of these stories, and hear why our capital campaign is crucial to St. Andrew.

ChurchOne | Capital Campaign Reveal

Our ChurchOne Capital Campaign will help secure our church's future. It's been an amazing 30 years at St. Andrew – we can't wait to see what's in store for the next 30 and more.

The Storehouse of Collin County | Brand Reveal

Our three-strand community service outreach needed a new name, one that better reflects its purpose and impact. Introducing: The Storehouse of Collin County.

Spoken Word: Fear | Michael Agnew

Student Ministry Director Michael Agnew remembers the teasing and bullying his childhood struggles brought about. But God was bigger than Michael's challenges, and Michael's testimony reminds us we have nothing to fear.

Career Care Ministry

"There's something about that moment when you're sitting there with the HR person, and you realize, 'Wow. This is happening, and it's me.'" – Employment challenges can strike anyone at any time. Career Care offers love and support when it's needed the most.

PALS (People with Active Life Styles)

The PALS share plenty of fun and games, but these friends are also learners, travelers, and servants of Christ.

St. Andrew Short | St. Andrew Preschool Art Show

St. Andrew Preschool students prepared for their annual Art Gala by welcoming local artists into their classrooms.

Louisiana: Miles Away, Worlds Apart

"That's the past, it's not the present, and it's certainly not going to be the future." – St. Andrew members Carolyn Getridge and Scott Engle grew up in different worlds. Now they worship together, sharing the same heavenly household God designed for us all.

St. Andrew Short | St. Andrew Preschool Book Donations

St. Andrew Preschool students used funds from our Spark Tank community service initiative to purchase books for their local school, Huffman Elementary.

What If the Whole Church Tithed?

What could we do with $165 billion? Take a graphically animated look at what could happen if the whole church tithed.

Spark Tank

Our Spark Tank community service initiative challenges our congregation. How can you serve your community outside the walls of the church, with an act of kindness and funds to support it?

Net Effect: Bryan and Donna Stauter

When Bryan and Donna Stauter moved from a small, rural town and pulled up to St. Andrew, they thought, "No way." But they discovered the net effect of community, and their assumptions gave way to feeling loved and at home.

Net Effect: Kevin Phelan

Kevin Phelan was in a dark place – one he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy, he said. He found light after answering a challenge to get involved and serve.

Therefore | Mitchell & Fields Family

It was nothing personal, Lindsay Fields said – she just didn't feel she had a place at St. Andrew after college. It was a need Lindsay shared with many others, a need the church had to take action to meet.

Charles Stokes Scholarship Fund | Rev. Jimmy Decker

Jimmy Decker's first response to his call to ministry was, "Man, forget that." Even after submitting to God, he needed an answer to pay for seminary. The Charles Stokes Scholarship was just what Jimmy needed.

Therefore | Jane Marshal

The story of St. Andrew includes a response to God's call. Jane Marshal and other members used their call to blaze a trail of international mission work, which St. Andrew continues to this day.

Therefore | Devra and Dave Helffrich

Devra and Dave Helffrich got the call parents never want to receive. St. Andrew was there in the family's time of most desperate need.

Keep Watch | Darlene and Aaron

Children's director Darlene Cain Leblanc didn't know how her church, Hamilton Park UMC, could afford sending kids to a life-changing summer camp. Aaron Pew heard the plea and knew Spark Tank could help.

Say Yes | Student Ministry

Working with the student ministry has moved volunteers in amazing ways.

Say Yes | Children's Minstry

What does saying yes to the children's ministry mean? Abundant, contagious energy and much more.

Keep Watch | Emerson Palazzo

Clever t-shirt marketing, plus Spark Tank, helped St. Andrew student Emerson Palazzo make a big difference for special needs students in her district.

Keep Watch | Danaé Gutierrez and the UMM

Some take fresh food for granted; Danaé Gutierrez makes it her mission. Danaé's tireless work with the Harvest Project inspired the St. Andrew United Methodist Men's Spark Tank project.

Keep Watch | Heather Davis

This Spark Tank project provided much-needed backpacks to area children.

Spark Tank | Rashid

Rashid, a Vietnam veteran who washes cars for a living, was pushing his supplies in a cart after his vehicle broke down. Spark Tank changed that with an enormous surprise.

Spark Tank | Hope's Door

This Spark Tank project offered a symbol of love to those affected by the atrocities of domestic violence.

Spark Tank | Silverado

Imagine living an entire year without a single visitor in your home. St. Andrew students used a Spark Tank project to remind seniors that they are loved and not forgotten.

Spark Tank | Iglesia de Cristo de Santidad

Behind a wire fence stood only the frame of the iconic Iglesia de Cristo de Santidad. The decades-old Oak Cliff building had been destroyed by a three-alarm fire. St. Andrew member Miranda Jack felt called to action, with the help of Spark Tank.

Spark Tank | Student Mission Trip

Students on their annual mission trip, in 2016 to Lake Providence, Louisiana, looked for ways to use Spark Tank funds to change lives.