Costa Rica 2018: Recap

God is doing incredible work through 4 Corners Global Outreach and the indigenous Cabécar people of Costa Rica.

Additional Stories

Costa Rica 2018: Noré

The indigenous Cabécars of Costa Rica face discrimination as their own government pushes them away. Cabécars like Noré give us hope that generational change is reshaping the future for his people.

Costa Rica 2018: Forrest and Drake

4 Corners Global Outreach changes both those served and those serving – just ask Forrest and Drake.

Between Friends | The Smiths and Floras

"I'll tell you how much I trust this guy – I bought a boat from him." Through all the laughs and tough times, this relationship shows us the importance of holy friendship.

Between Friends | The Heckels

There's something different about friendships rooted in the church.

Spark Tank | DISD Washers and Dryers

Tom Hayden was once a poverty-stricken child attending Mills Elementary – at least when he wasn't skipping class from the stigma of unwashed clothing. Thanks to Tom, and help from a Spark Tank project, today's Mills families are free of such a burden.

Permanent Endowment Fund

Imagine a gift that never goes away, a gift that forever provides for future generations of the St. Andrew family. Dean Clubb, Permanent Endowment Fund board chair, shares how you can plan to make this a reality.

St. Andrew Preschool

St. Andrew Preschool is a big step in the faith journeys of our families. Check out what makes this nationally accredited program so special!

2017 Advent | Project Hope, Jasmin Flores

Jasmin Flores was grieving at 25, got the shingles, and needed to make serious life changes. Project Hope helped empower her healing process.

2017 Advent | A Week in the Life of The Storehouse

There's something they don't tell you about volunteering with The Storehouse – you'll become a family before you know it.

2017 Advent | The Storehouse of Collin County

Take an inside look at how the three-strand Storehouse serves a large, often unrecognized need in Collin County.

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