Permanent Endowment Fund

Imagine a gift that never goes away, a gift that forever provides for future generations of the St. Andrew family. Dean Clubb, Permanent Endowment Fund board chair, shares how you can plan to make this a reality.

Additional Stories

ChurchOne Phase 2

We took the next step in the future of St. Andrew! By approving construction and renovation of Phase 2 of our Master Plan, we will see massive improvement in key areas of our church.

Spark Tank 2018 | Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness serves the homeless animal population in DFW. In this Spark Tank project, it was their staff's turn to be served.

ChurchOne Update

We have a huge thank you for our congregation's efforts toward the future of St. Andrew. And, we have news on what's next.

Student Mission Trip 2018 | Spark Tank: Delfa Ann

Delfa Ann just wanted a comfortable home for retirement. For Student Mission Trip 2018, we served Delfa Ann and others in the Houston area, providing hurricane relief work and assistance to the economically disadvantaged.

VBS 2018

Check out the highlights from this year's VBS, where more than 300 children learned the truth that Jesus carries us through life's storms.

Spark Tank 2018 | Boxes of Hope

In this Spark Tank project, we pray Stella's organization may honor Jose and others fighting cancer, by sharing love and Boxes of Hope with the community.

How To Spark Tank

Spark Tank is going to have its biggest, most impactful summer yet! It's so simple to be involved in this community service initiative. Plus, we match your funds for your project!

Influential Mothers of St. Andrew

We praise God for all those who have loved and taught the generations of our church family as mothers and mother figures. The church needs you now more than ever, and we say Thank You.

Robert and Jimmy | Let's Talk Charles Stokes Golf

With a few one-liners and good 'ole fashioned trash talk, Robert and Jimmy discuss the incredible impact of the Charles Stokes Golf Tournament. The tournament helps raise funds to support seminary education for St. Andrew family members.

Costa Rica 2018 | Noré

The indigenous Cabécars of Costa Rica face discrimination as their own government pushes them away. Cabécars like Noré give us hope that generational change is reshaping the future for his people.

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