Why is the Christian Life So Hard?

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The Wesleyan Way: Why is the Christian Life So Hard?

The gap between Jesus and the lifestyles of those who claim to follow Jesus can be so wide that it becomes the reason an unbelieving world does not believe. Our basic nature is not to love God and our neighbor—this is why the Christian life is hard. When Jesus redeems us, he also calls us to a new way of living. This means something very different than simply avoiding immoral actions; it means changing our hearts and lives.

2/23/2019 | 5:30 PM | Rev. Arthur Jones | Traditional
2/24/2019 | 9:30 AM | Dr. Scott Engle, Rev. Arthur Jones | Traditional
2/24/2019 | 9:30 AM | Rev. Arthur Jones | Contemporary
2/24/2019 | 11:00 AM | Rev. Arthur Jones | Contemporary

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Sometimes the “rules” of Christianity can seem so complex. An 18th century English pastor named John Wesley taught that the best guide for the journey of life and faith goes beyond the important forms and rituals of religion to a place of rediscovering the joy and freedom that the earliest followers of Jesus felt. Wesley sparked a worldwide revival of Christian faith by pointing to a way of following Jesus based on a real relationship where we can find God’s grace. This series looks at eight core aspects of faith that lead to a joyful and abundant life.

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Like our namesake the apostle Andrew, we love to invite and connect others to Jesus, and to take risks in faith that grow God's kingdom. 

We are a church that welcomes the skeptic, works to strengthen the family, and is committed to being externally focused and evangelistic. We desire to impact the world in community through service and witness.

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

March 6, 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary

This contemplative service begins the season of Lent. Join us as we prepare to celebrate God’s marvelous redemption at Easter. 

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

March 5, 5:30-7:00 p.m., Smith Worship Center

Come for some fun and fellowship! Eat pancakes with all the toppings. This free event is for all ages.

Lenten Devotional

Lenten Devotional

March 6-April 21

Join us this Lenten season and read a daily devotional written by St. Andrew ministry leaders.


Being in community with other Christians is critical to your spiritual growth. Whether you are interested in children, students, adults or families, new or a long-time member, you can find a place to connect. Take the next step in your faith journey by getting more involved.

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In Jesus, God became one of us, and through the Holy Spirit is active in the world, changing hearts and lives. The ripple effect of each person making his and her unique contribution is resulting in a revolution of Christ’s love being felt in tangible, life-changing ways.

Whether you can volunteer each week or only a few hours every once in a while, consider making the kind of impact that only you can make. Your life and this world will never be the same!