Capital Campaign

A growing need

St. Andrew is growing quickly. To address our needs, we are in the process of renovation and expansion, funded by our ChurchOne Capital Campaign. As a church, we have highlighted needs in four strategic ministry areas: Children, Students, Missions, and Parking. The purpose of ChurchOne is get as far as possible in addressing those needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChurchOne?

In 2016, in response to our ministry area needs, we gathered to prayerfully discern God’s vision for the next 30 years of ministry at St. Andrew. ChurchOne is a capital fundraising campaign designed to address the first two phases of this 30-year master plan. The purpose of Phase 1 was to renovate our beautiful sanctuary in order to accommodate the present and future of worship at St. Andrew. This was completed with our transition Sunday on April 7-8, 2018.

What is included in Phase 2?

The goal of Phase 2 is to go as far as we can using the balance of gifts from ChurchOne to address our remaining critical growth needs, which include new additions and renovations to Students, Childrens, Missions, and Parking.

Where do we stand with gifts to the ChurchOne fund?

The ChurchOne campaign began in 2017 and has thus far resulted in a little over $16.5 million dollars in pledges from our congregation, with each pledge designated over a three or five-year period. We are ahead of schedule: after 13 months, over 50% of pledged gifts have been received. You can still join ChurchOne by making a pledge.

What is the timeline for construction?

With congregational approval of Phase 2, the construction contractor, MyCon, has begun construction. MyCon estimates the project will be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

What improvements are happening for Children’s Ministry?

The primary improvements include the Children’s entrance, the addition of the indoor play space on the main level and tie-ins for the children’s area at each level. This is 970 square feet of new construction (three stories tall) and 3,150 square feet of renovation. It will transform how families with children find a home at St. Andrew.

What improvements are happening for Students Ministry?

The Students ministry is gaining the most new square footage with 9,450, which includes a lobby entrance facing Mira Vista Road, breakout spaces for small groups and two new gyms that are designed to also serve as worship facilities. In addition, there will be 4,500 square feet of renovation for a game area and a new students office on the second floor across from Festival hall.

What improvements are happening for Missions?

The Missions area will primarily be used for the food storage, distribution, and hospitality of the Storehouse. The new construction of 1,200 square feet is the hospitality and sign-in entrance on the north side of our building. It includes a mezzanine and a welcoming awning for all that come through our doors. The interior renovation of 3,500 square feet will encompass portions of the old Middle School Room, the current hallway, and youth commons. That renovation will include a kitchen, a walk-in fridge and walk-in freezer.

What improvements are happening for Parking?

Over 110 new surface parking spots are being added around the church property, with the most new spots in the southeastern corner, near the intersection of Mira Vista Boulevard and Plano Parkway. Over the course of the next 13 months, parking in various locations may be temporarily unavailable for construction project purposes. These construction areas will be clearly marked, and we are working to maximize the available parking for congregational use during this period.  For more information on weekday and weekend parking during construction, please visit our parking maps.

Will there be a Phase 3?

Several visions in the 30-year master plan are not included in Phase 1 and 2 and may be a part of our future. To learn more about the master plan, visit our Master Plan page.

Where can I learn more about ChurchOne?

To learn more about ChurchOne and to keep up with the latest videos, visit our ChurchOne page.




On August 26, the St. Andrew family broke ground on Phase 2 of ChurchOne. We reflected on being a part of this community for more than 30 years.

“The main thing I have learned from Robert over my years at St. Andrew," said Rev. Arthur Jones, senior associate pastor, "is that we have to look forward, and I’m thrilled to be looking forward with all of you here today.  It’s an exciting day in the life of St. Andrew.”

“As we stand here today, I think back to 1990 when we had a group gathered in this same spot to break ground on our first building just behind me,” said Senior Pastor Robert Hasley. “Today we are here to remember those who came before and made all of this possible. You are the founding members for the next 30 years as we offer the love of Christ to children, students, and those who need a helping hand.”

Among those breaking ground was Daniel Martens and his family. Daniel took part in the first St. Andrew groundbreaking in 1990, when he was just a boy. Nearly 30 years later, one of Daniel's children shoveled dirt on the same site.