Update on the United Methodist Church

To the St. Andrew family,

Over the last year, there have been highly circulated news stories about the United Methodist Church. Most recently, there have been news reports and public conversations about parts of the church separating from one another. You may have or receive questions about what this means and what will happen to St. Andrew. 

First, these reports are part of an on-going process of conversations and proposals that will go before General Conference, the world-wide decision making body of the United Methodist Church, in May. Whichever proposal (if any) does pass will almost certainly be changed before it goes into effect so we will not know any details until then. Given this uncertainty, it is important not to draw premature conclusions or promote speculation. 

Second, St. Andrew will continue to be true to our values. We are a home to a theologically diverse community and we will continue to keep the entirety of the United Methodist Church in prayer. Over this year, we will be working with our lay leaders as we monitor the proposals and happenings of General Conference. With God's grace, together we will ensure that St. Andrew can keep being the church we have been by providing unquestioned grace while challenging each of us to be more of who God calls us to be. Whatever happens in the greater Methodist church, we will continue to be the St. Andrew community that you know and love.

Here are ways that we can be in conversation about this:

• Reach out to the delegates from the North Texas Annual Conference. Send an e-mail to delegates@standrewumc.org and we will pass your thoughts along to the representatives that will be voting on this.
• We are designating a portion of our time to meet with church members and groups concerned about our future. If you wish to schedule a discussion, please reach out to Kay Hutchens to schedule at khutchens@standrewumc.org

Your staff and lay leadership will be monitoring all of the happenings outside of St. Andrew and will share with you updates as they happen and as we find it helpful for the spiritual growth of our church home. 

-Arthur and Robert