Summer Enrichment Program

Activity packages on sale now; materials run through July 27

Engage and unplug your children with the fun, hands-on activities in our Summer Enrichment Program. Developed for early childhood (ages 2 - 4/5) through lower elementary school ages (Kinder - 2nd), these professionally designed activities use no internet and no computer. Packages will be available to purchase weekly, monthly, or for the full summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weekly themes?

The themes are:

June 1: Beaches
June 8: Sea Life / Oceans
June 15: Real Super Heroes
June 22: Camping
June 29: Patriotic / Fun Fourth of July
July 6: Zoo Animals
July 13: Circus
July 20: Dinosaurs
July 27: Outer Space

What if I have multiple age groups of children?

Activities will be similar for each age group, but developmentally appropriate for each age.  This will make it fun for each child, but easy for all family members to participate together. 

Can you pick up the weekly bags all at one time?

At this time, we will be having a weekly pick up.

What items will come in the bag?

Each bag will include a "passport" to fun - a detailed guide to each activity for that weekly theme.  It will also include some of the supplies you might need to complete these activities.  For example, the crafts might have a variety of pieces which we will supply, but items like glue, markers, and crayons we will not.  For snacks we will supply detailed recipes as well as a "shopping" list of what you will need for the week.

How long will it take to do the activities?

You can do them all at once (4 per day) and it should take about an hour per day. Or space them out throughout the day.  This is designed to work with your schedule.

What types of activities will be in the bags?

Each week will have different weekly themed activities.  They are structured so that you can do it "unplugged" (no zoom, or videos) on your own schedule. 
We will be providing 4 activities per day (20 for the week).  These will typically be: science, physical games, snack ideas, and fun crafts. 

What if I need help or have questions regarding activities?

Please contact Kelley Dock.