ImagineU mentoring

Seeking mentors throughout the school year

Help high school students facing challenges in the education by mentoring them through their journey. The United Methodist Men of St. Andrew seek volunteers to serve with ImagineU, a yearly mentorship program for students in our community.

The program includes:

  • Pairing each student with a group of encouraging adult mentors
  • Formal monthly meetings featuring speakers on topics pertinent to post-high school success. Dinner is provided.
  • Extracurricular events including field grips to various colleges and businesses, organized service projects, and social outings
  • Each student completing the program will receive a minimum of $1,500 to be awarded in scholarship to the 2-year or 4-year university of the student's choosing


Mentors are asked to attend monthly meetings with mentees. Mentors also need to volunteer for at least two extracurricular events with mentees each year. We encourage mentors to maintain monthly phone/email contact with mentees and look for opportunities to meet up.

Contact Joe Rule or 214-957-8019 for more information.