As a church family together, we have thrived through numerous economic recessions, the attacks of 9/11, and now a global pandemic. In every moment of uncertainty and difficulty, we have seen that God, through you, has been more than faithful. God has been abundant in lives changed and ministries expanded. This has happened because of your consistent and tremendous generosity.

We are asking you to expand that commitment to God and our church this year. Is there any doubt that when the world was shut down, our community needed our church to be at its best? Our neighbors needed food through the Storehouse. Children and students needed community and direction. We needed places where we could all come together as people of different races and backgrounds and see that we are all sinners made in the image of God. We needed to know that everything is going to be all right.

Our faith is grounded in this truth: good happens in this world when generous hearts commit in difficult times. Jesus’ choice to become human, teach about the kingdom of heaven and demonstrate his love on the cross is the best example of life. Paul reminded the early church of Jesus’ words in Acts 20:35: “It is better to give than to receive.” We are better when we follow the example of Jesus and give of ourselves when situations in the world are the most challenging.

As 2021 comes and (hopefully) the world fully reopens, we are ready to expand our impact and ministries once again with your help. The disciplines of faith and service to community are essential. We have never stopped and we never will. Our community needs us. Our country needs us. Our world needs us.

The world pressed pause. We must always press play.

— Robert Hasley | Arthur Jones

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As you answer the call to generosity, we continue to press play and live out our mission. Let’s keep moving.


Did you know our live sermons have not stopped once over the past 10 months? Your gifts have enriched the worship experience during COVID-19 and for the future, bringing our church community a live sermon every weekend for the past 10 months along with live or recorded music and liturgy.

We’ve greeted one another over Facebook Live, and have exchanged waves from safe distances in Sanctuary services. Whether we’re pressing play to start the service, or rising for an opening hymn or song, your gifts help us to feel the joy of God’s presence, every weekend, as a church family.


Cars wrapped through the parking lot outside the new Students area as four college interns jumped up and down, blew whistles, and held up bright pink signs of welcome. The Students’ drive-through summer swag-bag distribution was both a source of joy and a sign of what’s to come.

The new facilities are just a part of new expansion made possible by the ChurchOne capital campaign and supported by your annual giving. Along with a new Children’s play area, plus ongoing new ministries like the Adult online Bible studies established last year and the founding of Invite Resources, the connection opportunities at St. Andrew abound.


Early in COVID developments, we saw a vast need in our community. Healthcare/frontline workers, as well as those at risk or unable to leave their homes, needed to know how much they were loved. We answered with the Helping Hands ministry, which fed workers and made grocery deliveries for those at home.

As we hopefully move past the pandemic and are able to serve our neighbors more closely, we have ministries and volunteers ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Maybe you’ll see or join us on a local Habitat for Humanity worksite, lead Students on their annual mission trip, or find another way to serve. Your generosity allows us to take action.

Have you prayerfully considered how God is calling you to share your resources?

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