Children at each development level can experience the love of God found in Christ. Our programs teach your children the truth about God, engage them in ways that help them discover Jesus, and empower them to reflect God's character in the world around them.

Our children's ministry runs concurrently with our worship services. We also have special programs throughout the year.

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We are dedicated to taking great care of your children and ensuring they experience God's love at St. Andrew.


Camp Bridgeport

Children experience the love of God and friendship at the annual Camp Bridgeport. Shaving cream battles, sunset worship, Lip-Sync-A-Palooza, and small group discussions make every year unforgettable.

Family Testimony

The Wonsmos family has faced trials that some families may never see in a lifetime. Let them tell you about the impact of their church family – and hear 2-year-old Lila talk all about her favorite St. Andrew teachers!

Small Groups

Saturday Night | Small Group

Room Assignments for Saturday at 5:30 p.m.
Newborn-PreK  |  Room 10
Kindergarten-5th Grade begin in the worship service with their parents, then are dismissed during the service to Room 126.

Sunday Morning | First-Time Guest

Our children’s ministry runs concurrently with our worship services. For the safety of your child we ask that each child gets a name tag at a check-in station. For new families there is a check-in station on the main level. A smiling greeter in a blue t-shirt will be happy to help you.


Early Childhood | 3 months to pre-k

Even the youngest child will experience God’s love through our caring, safe and nurturing environment. The three primary concepts we want kids in Early Childhood Ministry to know are:

God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Staff Contact: Defae Weaver, 214.291.8024

Elementary Ministry | K-5th Grade

Elementary Programming at St. Andrew has three components, each targeted to a particular type of learning and relational environment:

PLUG IN: Focus the Energy (Small Groups)
Plug In is designed to introduce children to the day’s topic in a setting that gives them individualized attention from their Small Group Leaders and plenty of interaction with a small group of peers.

POWER UP: Engage the Heart (Large Group)
Power Up is designed to engage children in worship in a large group setting. Storytelling, prayer, and an innovative approach to the Bible story are always a part of this interactive time.

CATCH ON: Make the Connection (Small Groups)
Catch On is designed to help kids understand how the day’s topic applies to them. They’ll discuss real-life experiences, interact with a close-knit group of peers, and participate in a variety of activities that appeal to different learning styles. Life application and memory verse activities, as well as prayer, are always a part of this hands-on time.

Staff Contact: Rachel Kortum, 214-291-8098

Annual Events

March  |  Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
April  | Easter Festival
May  |  PreK Bump Up Day
June  |  Promotion Sunday, Vacation Bible School
July  |  Camp Bridgeport, Science Camp
August  |  Back to School Sunday
September  |  3rd Grade Bible Presentation
October  |  Fall Festival
December  |  Family Advent Celebration, Family Christmas Eve Service 

Coming Up Soon

Fine Arts Camp

Fine Arts Camp

July 15-19, 1-4 p.m.

Experience arts, music, drama, choreography, and more at this year's camp, with guidance from professionals in each field!

Summer Fun Days

Summer Fun Days

Join St. Andrew Children's Ministries for our 9th annual Summer Fun Days filled with crafts, music, Bible stories, and more!


We offer childcare to families during events, Bible studies, meetings, and classes. This ministry is designed to bless you and allow you to serve and get connected in the life of St. Andrew. 

Parents attending a St. Andrew event must make a reservation for each child. If you have questions, please email Defae Weaver or call 214.291.8024.

Follow the link to make the childcare reservation for each child.

Gary's Angels | Special Needs Ministry

Gary’s Angels seeks to embrace families of children with special needs so that they can fully participate in the life of the church.

Our Vision

Family members can feel comfortable participating in their own Sunday School classes and worship in the Sanctuary. Certified teachers and trained volunteers provide an interactive Sunday School program for their children with special needs.

Sunday School

Gary’s Angels is offered every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 10:50 a.m. Sunday School Curriculum is prepared specifically to meet the needs of our special students.  A variety of sensory activities keep children interested in God’s Word.  A “quiet” room is set up for children needing limited stimulation.

Trained Volunteers

A trained volunteer, “Buddy”, will be assigned to work with your child either in a regular Sunday School classroom, or in one of two classrooms specifically designed for our special students.

In Memory

The Gary’s Angels ministry is dedicated to the memory of Gary Arnold. Gary and his wife Jennifer were instrumental in bringing this ministry to our church. Gary’s passion for life and his dedication to God and his family continue to inspire us.

You may contact Defae Weaver or call 214.291.8024 for information on enrolling your child in Gary’s Angels or for questions regarding volunteer opportunities.


St. Andrew Preschool helps children grow in Christ by providing age appropriate opportunities through worship, learning, loving, serving and inviting. These opportunities are cognitively stimulating and spiritually nurturing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Just a few of St. Andrew Preschool's yearly events:

Fall Festival • Farm Day • Bottle Rockets Day

• Various guest instructors including professional artists, cultural educators, and storytellers

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