In 2012, St. Andrew added to the breadth of musical styles with contemporary worship as we launched services in Smith Worship Center. Contemporary Worship Curator Josh Miller leads this style of worship each week with a live band. Our contemporary team has also introduced Night of Worship, on select Sunday evenings, for our community to more deeply explore the meaning of worship.









Contemporary Worship Playlist

Our playlist consists of songs that we rotate through in our worship services. Our desire at St. Andrew is that we can discover deeper purpose and authenticity in our worship experience that extends beyond Sunday mornings.

Playlist Inspirations


"O Come to the Altar" by Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joy

I love the invitation element of this song. The verses clearly spell out that anyone, anyone is welcome at this altar. As an organization, we at St. Andrew make a point of reminding everyone that the communion table is not the table of the pastor or the table of the service or the table of the church, but a table for anyone who wishes to participate in the recognition of Christ’s sacrifice and the redemption that it brings. This song lays out a perfect melodic invitation for anyone who might be hesitant.

– Josh Miller, Contemporary Worship Curator

"Glimmer In The Dust" by Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Aodhan King & Benjamin Hastings

“Glimmer In The Dust” is a song that has so much meaning to me. I think one of the most important messages this song sends is that God is telling this big beautiful, and amazing story and we get to be apart of it. All of us! Every one of us belong. We are one small “glimmer”, one small piece, in a story that is so much bigger than anything our minds can comprehend or imagine. And one day, in the end, we will be fully known and fully in the presence of God with the entirety of that picture revealed.

– Krista Miller, Contemporary Worship Curator