Sermon Series: Between Friends

2/18 - 3/18/2018

Jesus says that the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. We describe marriage this way, but any friendship can be as holy, if the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit are between the two friends. When Jesus laid down his life for us, he showed us what kind of friends we can have, and what kind of friends we can be.



3/18/2018 | Friendships Don't Fail

Christian friendships are sacred. They are about more than just the here and now. Christian friendships have a combined mission and they aren’t limited by life here on earth. When done right, Christian friendships change the world and last for eternity.

3/11/2018 | Friends Persevere

David and Jonathan is the quintessential friendship in Scripture, so deep and rich that it is described using the word “covenant”, like God’s relationship with us. The friendship of Jonathan and David survives everything. This is what a covenant is: a promise that no matter what, the relationship will persevere.

3/4/2018 | Friends Always Protect

Even after they separated for the good of their respective families, Abraham kept Lot’s best interests. When he heard that Lot had been captured, he risked everything in order to rescue Lot and Lot’s people. A true friend doesn’t release responsibility at the first opportunity, but continues to protect others.

2/25/2018 | Friends Are Not Self-Seeking

When she was no longer bound to Naomi by marriage, and when others would return to their home, Ruth remained with her grieving mother-in-law. When brokenness happens, sometimes the greatest gift comes from those who stay. A true friend doesn’t pursue comfort, but seeks the love and health of another.

2/18/2018 | Friends Do Not Brag

The greatest prophet since Moses, Elijah performed miracle upon miracle. It would have been easy for him to brag in a way that prevented him from developing real friendships. Yet after Elijah finishes his most amazing miracle, he throws his cloak—his authority—over his friend. A true friend doesn’t brag, but brings another along.

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