Sermon Series: Comfort and Joy

12/1 - 12/22/2019

Traditions are at the heart of the holiday season. Yet for many of us, the warmth of food, stories, music and gift giving among family is merely aspirational and the reality is that Christmas is a time of loneliness and sadness. The good news of Christmas is that the story of Jesus is actually a story about finding community, connection, and family — a place where we can both be comfortable in who we are and called to new life.


12/21 - 12/22/2019 | Gifts Under the Tree

Gift giving is synonymous with Christmas. The joy of this season is the joy that comes in giving and receiving. When we truly give to another in a spirit of generosity, we are experiencing a glimpse of a living God, who gave everything to us.

12/14 - 12/15/2019 | Songs in the Air

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without its canon of classic songs and hymns. But the value of Christmas music isn’t just nostalgia; it is the glue that holds our traditions together. When words fail, music is the means by which we can build traditions together and “speak to one another” about Jesus.

12/7 - 12/8/2019 | Food on the Table

Food serves as a perfect ice breaker, breaking down barriers, creating bonds, and helping us see one another for who we really are. It was only while sharing a meal together that two disciples recognized Jesus. Christmas table traditions bring people together as neighbors and as brothers and sisters in Christ.

11/30 - 12/1/2019 | Stories at the Hearth

Everyone loves a good story and Christmas is the season for classic stories. The birth of Jesus is not only the “greatest story ever told,” it’s part of a larger story. The New Testament begins with the story of Jesus, as told through the entire story of the history of the Bible and God’s people.

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