Sermon Series: Easter Series

3/25 - 4/1/2018

In ancient culture, conquering rulers rode into town on a high horse, a war steed of the best line, to make sure the commoners knew who was in charge. Jesus instead chose a donkey, a meek animal. He wasn't above the people, but on eye level, a symbol of foolishness to those in charge, but an image of salvation for a higher kingdom.


4/1/2018 | Easter Sunday

Join us as we journey through Holy Week in preparation and anticipation of Easter morning, when we will celebrate the risen Lord together! Experience Easter morning at St. Andrew, where your entire family will be welcomed home. 

3/30/2018 | Good Friday

On Good Friday, we accept the finality of Christ's crucifixion, understanding the suffering he underwent for our sake.

3/25/2018 | Palm Sunday

“Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem stirs emotions that should not be denied. It is a moment filled with possibility. The thought of what might be exhilarated all who followed Jesus. Might this be the king who would deliver them from the Romans? Who would return all the children of God who had been scattered abroad? This was the moment on which the wheel of history would turn. Either God’s kingdom would be established on earth, or the people’s hope would be forever shattered.” – R. Alan Culpepper

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