Sermon Series: Equip

8/11 - 9/8/2019

Live well this fall. Get the tools you need for a more joy-filled, fulfilling life through this five-week study of practical ideas for daily living. In these five sermons, learn more about your faith, about parenting, how to deal with pain and loss, and how to live in relationship to other people.


9/7 - 9/8/2019 | Love Does

In an age of shouting, learning to listen and empathize is a step forward. But our stance toward other people cannot end with simply feelings or thoughts. Love is truly experienced when it is put into practice. When we engage with others in a real way in the world each day, life becomes both interesting and well-lived.

8/31 - 9/1/2019 | Losing Season

Christianity in America tends to celebrate the can-do spirit: blessings follow belief. But the flip side of this creed is the implication that when we “can’t do,” or when we deal with illness or misfortune, we are a failure. When positive thinking alone can’t shrink a tumor, how are we to understand faith?

8/24 - 8/25/2019 | Every Day Faith

If Jesus is truly Lord, then the implications impact our entire lives. We cannot keep faith in a box to open up and occasionally use to solve problems. Instead, we must consider our entire lives according to this truth. The risen Lord is a 24/7 reality that effects our commitments, vocations, relationships, and leisure time.

8/17 - 8/18/2019 | Choose Joy

How are we to understand sin, evil, and judgment? Contrary to what we may think, hell is not someplace God puts us. Rather, it is a place we put ourselves, where we willingly choose to endure the consequences our own misery. The gates of hell have no locks; they are kept closed from the inside.

8/10 - 8/11/2019 | Giving Our Children Faith

How do you help your child develop long-term faith? Many kids from Christian families leave the church as young adults. On Back to School Sunday, we look at practical ways to help create a more “sticky” faith, including what it means to teach your child to trust God, and not just obey God.

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