Sermon Series: Every Moment Holy

2/20 - 3/28/2021

Noise, by definition, is unwanted sound. Can anyone deny that our lives are too noisy today? Social media, divisive opinions, television, podcasts, and other distractions have never been more prevalent in our world than in our current moment in history. In the midst of all this, are we truly hearing the clear signal of God? In the narrative of scripture God chooses to be present in every moment, both big and small. Our response is to turn down the noise and tune in to God, allowing every moment to be holy.


3/27 - 3/28/2021 (March 27/28) | Big Moments Be Holy

“If they were silent, the stones would shout.” We have spent our journey of Lent discovering that even tiny, mundane moments can become holy in the grace of God. Yet today we arrive at one of the most significant and most dramatic moments of Jesus’s life to discover that God can sanctify the big, momentous, and sometimes overwhelming events we must also experience. As the palms wave, God incarnate arrives to take his rightful place, making every moment holy.

3/20 - 3/21/2021 | Thoughts Be Holy

The worst parts of ourselves are often hidden away from anyone but us in our daily thoughts, yet the truth of an omnipresent God is that God is present in every moment of our lives, including those we don’t share with anyone else. It is tempting to turn to self-help in order to take control of our minds, yet the true transformation we seek can only come from God, the one who can make even our worst moments holy.

3/13 - 3/14/2021 (March 13/14) | Meals Be Holy

There is nothing more commonplace than a meal. Humans must eat and drink to survive, and we must do this daily. Yet an ordinary meal can become a miraculous event if the right guest is invited. It is not in the food we eat, but in who we invite to the table that makes a meal a holy encounter.

3/6 - 3/7/2021 (March 6/7) | Families Be Holy

One of the most difficult places to be holy is in the daily grind of life: the traffic, the Legos on the floor, the dirty dishes, and with the people who see you, truly as you are. We are called to be holy in the little moments with the ones who love us fully, which means they also see fully the good and the bad. We have visions of what holy moments should look like, and yet holy moments can happen in the most broken times, in our humanity, by God’s grace, and as a result we can love fully.

2/27 - 2/28/2021 (February 27/28) | Daily Routines Be Holy

One of the places we least expect to encounter God is in our daily moments of routine. We brush our teeth, drink our morning coffee, move through our day of work and play, and in the monotony we assume God is absent. Yet God is aware of our every move, choosing to offer grace even in the most mundane tasks of our lives. If we choose to open our eyes and hearts, even our routines can become meaningful encounters with the divine.

2/20 - 2/21/2021 (February 20/21) | Turn Down Noise. Turn Up Signal

It is easy to read the miraculous stories of scripture and think, “Where are my big moments of God?” Yet we read in the story of Elijah that we worship a God who breaks expectations. We expect God to be big, grand, and dramatic, but we learn that one of the greatest prophets tuned in to God’s signal by looking past the distractions and settling into the silence.

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