Sermon Series: Everyday Saints

11/3 - 11/24/2019

When we hear the word “saint” we may think of Catholicism or football players or Mardi Gras. Most of us think of really religious people, perhaps people that are beyond us in terms of their virtue and character--for example, their goodness and ability to forgive. But sainthood isn’t a rank we achieve like a master spiritual level in a game of life. The biblical definition saint is very simple: “believer.” When you and I put our trust in Jesus Christ, we become saints, made holy through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

If as believers, we are all saints, then what does that mean for our lives? In this series, we address what it means to be a saint. These four attributes help us understand the biblical definition of sainthood and bridge the space between the every day lives we lives and the holiness which we have received in Christ and to which we are called.

Through faith in Christ, we can be saints.


11/23 - 11/24/2019 | Relationship

A saint is someone who is willing to both know and be known.

11/16 - 11/17/2019 | Acts Of Service

A saint practices a strange math in which you give yourself away and somehow ends up with more.

11/9 - 11/10/2019 | Piety

A saint understands that the key to holiness is knowing that only God is holy.

11/2 - 11/3/2019 | Surrender

A saint is someone who puts aside a personal agenda for God’s agenda.

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