Sermon Series: Fall on Your Knees

12/3 - 12/24/2017

For thousands of years, to take a knee has meant to worship. It is what the Magi did when they entered the presence of the Christ child. Scripture tells us they literally fell down on their knees and kissed the ground in honor before the baby Jesus. More than just a sign of respect, we fall on our knees at Christmas because we are overcome with gratitude and amazement at the very presence of God among us.  This is what we call worship.


12/24/2017 | On Bended Knee

Christmas is an oasis in the middle of the desert of self-interest. Because God came down, there is no part of the human experience that God doesn’t understand. When we travel like the Magi to see the Christ child, we discover the one God that is worth our worship.

12/17/2017 | Hands and Feet

Jesus’ arrival isn’t only for our individual salvation. It’s for the restoration of all people, made in the image of God. The arrival of the Christ child, God made flesh, is for the sake of the community - to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to those held captive, sight to the blind, liberty to those held oppressed.

12/10/2017 | Down Low

Jesus’ title - “The Son of Man” - isn’t just a name for his humanity. It’s a name for God taking on flesh, heaven come to earth. It is because God became down for our sake that we fall to our knees in worship.

12/3/2017 | Most High

In ancient times, people looked into the heavens for authority. The Magi were astrologers. They interpreted the stars. But in Jesus, the Magi found more than a star chart; they discovered Authority. In the Christ child is the very nature of the Most High God, the Creator of time and space.

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