Sermon Series: Forge

9/15 - 10/13/2019

In this 5-week study of Forge, we will look at how to live a Christian life in the world today. Being a Christ follower is a process of being refined like a precious metal. It is not enough to remain in the dirt as raw ore. Christ wants to refine us into a work of beauty and function. In the series we will learn how to deal with times of anxiety and worry; what it means to follow Jesus in an increasingly “post-Christian” culture; how to navigate temptation; and the power of living in Christian community.


10/12 - 10/13/2019 | Shimmering

As we develop new holy lives, no longer living in ignorance, we change public opinion about Christians. Rather than being known as judgmental and hypocritical people, we become known for the beauty of the lives we live. We confound and impress those who might accuse and persecute us. We overcome spirits of rebellion and changes hearts and lives through the attractiveness of the peace and joy-filled lives we live.

10/5 - 10/6/2019 | Forged

Through grace, God transforms us into the people we are called to be. Yet we do not do these things merely for our own salvation, but so that we will be forged together in community with others. If we do not face our own struggles, we will inevitably do harm to those we love and cherish. We are sanctified and purified for the sake of the church, so that we might reflect the true Kingdom of God as individuals and as a whole.

9/28 - 9/29/2019 | Purified

Christian works are unsustainable without a solid core. True, sustainable social holiness - loving one another - only comes through personal holiness - loving God. This comes from the regular practice of seeking after God’s heart, which forms virtue in us. Without these virtues, our lives are perishable. The work of reshaping that God does in our lives is a process of making us pure and holy, so that we will become indestructible.

9/21 - 9/22/2019 | Melt Down

Melting down is what we say when everything is chaotic and collapsing, when we are overwhelmed and things fall apart. While we melt down when we can no longer carry the world’s weight on our own shoulders, a meltdown to a Christian has a second meaning, seen through the light of God’s work in our lives. When we follow Jesus, God tests us, melting down the impurities of our sin, and calls us to him.

9/14 - 9/15/2019 | Dug Out

It has been said that the unhappiest people aren’t unbelievers, but those who claim to be Christian but do not commit their whole lives to Christ. As followers of Jesus we are set apart. No matter how raw and ordinary our life may appear, we have in us the stuff of beauty. We may be buried in the world, but when we choose faith, we start a process of getting dug out.

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