Sermon Series: God Abides

11/27 - 12/18/2016

The story of Christmas itself is, as births go, quite simple. The moment itself was simply about Jesus … being.  As far as we know, Jesus didn’t do any miracles on the night of his birth. He evidently didn’t begin talking or walking until the normal time that an infant would walk or talk. At Christmas, Jesus simply is. In Jesus’ birth, for the only time between the beginning and the end of time, God came to us. At Christmas, God abides.


12/18/2016 | God's Final Home

Abides not only means “dwells” but also means “remains”. God’s home isn’t temporary. Jesus being made flesh on earth is the realization and the promise of a day when the entire earth will become God’s home. The nativity scene is a powerful image because it is a preview of what the whole world will look like in the end. The beauty and peace of Christmas is a promise that someday the world will be what it was originally meant to be: home for both us and God.

12/11/2016 | God's Reconciled Home

The presence of Jesus changed everything because God’s pursuit of people moved from emissaries such as prophets and priests to the One that can bring the Holy Spirit and offer repentance. Christmas is the moment where God came down to reconcile earth to God. God seeks us and comes to us and lives with us - God abides.

12/5/2016 | God's Makeshift Home

From the moment darkness and sin entered the world, God began working to make earth his home again. He worked with people like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses as emissaries between himself and the people. But, there was too large a gap between even the best human and God. Even the holiest moment wasn’t enough. God’s pursuing love needed to compensate for the broken human condition.

11/27/2016 | God Makes a Home

When God created the world, we humans lived with God in a beautiful garden. God walked in the garden and abided, or dwelled, with us. God made us to be at home with him. But we hid from God. Christmas is the story of God again making a home among us through Jesus.

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