Sermon Series: Grace

10/20 - 10/27/2019

To understand Wesleyan theology, we need to understand the Wesley story. John and Charles Wesley had a standard approach to their ministry. They would enter a rural, English town square with an entourage of 20-30 friends, singing songs through the streets until people gathered. They’d end up in the town commons, and John would preach on living each day as if it was our last and our first. The first week of this series is a focus on Amazing Grace – the “last” portion of Wesley’s message, and the second week is a focus on Responsible Grace – the “first" portion.


10/26 - 10/27/2019 | Responsible Grace

We receive God’s grace. What next? When we come to faith in Christ, none of us are instantly transformed into Christ-like souls. When we are made right with God, we are set apart for God’s purposes and begin a lifelong process of growing in virtue. This growth is both our work and God’s work, in the person of the Holy Spirit.

10/19 - 10/20/2019 | Amazing Grace

We now seem to live in a “cancel culture” in which people may be banned from society for saying something objectionable. Yet we are all flawed. The problem begins with our understanding of sin. Many of think, deep down, that we’re really okay and just need a little help. But it is only when we understand the reality of sin that we can experience the power of the grace of God that is at the center of Christian existence.

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