Sermon Series: Habits

9/8 - 10/7/2018

"What do you want?" This question, not what you believe or what you do, is Jesus' primary question to us. We are not merely the summation of what we think but how we feel. What we want out of life will shape what we do day to day. We see in the life of Jesus the truest form of what it means to be human, through the habits he chose to practice. Join us during this series as we explore what  spiritual habits or practices we learn from the life of Jesus, and how these can help us to shape who we are and what we want in life, from the outside in.


10/6 - 10/7/2018 | Real Life

We end with the vice of pride, which is the chief of all vices, as it aims to replace faith with self-sufficiency. Our creative impulse is good, and God-given. The secret is to bathe our view of the world in a rightly-ordered vision of creation, as God designed. The result of this right-ordering, and the practice of good habits, is that we end up creating both the desire of our heart (Psalm 37:4-5) and the desire of God, which become one and the same.

9/29 - 9/30/2018 | Real Celebration

To be human isn’t simply to know things, but to be directed toward something. When we’re on the move, we’re alive. This movement and purpose comes from what we want. We are defined not by what we know but by what we desire. Jesus isn’t content to simply deposit new ideas into our minds; he is after nothing less than the passionate regions of our hearts. The practice of worship points our hearts in the right direction.

9/22 - 9/23/2018 | Real Restraint

Consumerism is the act of buying something because of the momentary elevation it offers our lives. In a world built on consumption, we can treat our faith as a consumer activity, too. But often, spiritual moments are unsustainable. Instead, God wants a relationship, built on daily habits. In a consumer culture where indulgence leads to a form of spiritual poverty, discover the joy of a restraint that leads to abundance.

9/15 - 9/16/2018 | Real Prayer

Right thinking doesn’t necessarily bring right living. A life of faith truly begins when we are honest about what we want, and discovering what we truly want in life begins in relationship and not detached isolation. We begin to understand God’s desires for our lives as we spend time with others in Christian community, and in talking with God in prayer.

9/8 - 9/9/2018 | Real Desire

Improving the problems in our lives start not with fixing our beliefs, but changing our behavior. Our actions form our character, which over time shapes our belief. While the conventional wisdom says that we believe then act accordingly, science is learning that we form beliefs out of our actions. We are what we love. Fixing the problems of our lives begins with re-ordering our desires from what the world calls “the good life” to a life oriented around God.

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