Sermon Series: Home Again

12/1 - 12/24/2018

We’re told Christmas is the happiest season. We want to experience home. Yet the holidays rarely live up fully to our imagination. For many of us, the idea of Christmas remains a dream. The Christian story is that this world was once God’s home and we were with God. Jesus brings us home again. Our dreams of home became a reality on the day that Jesus was born. Christmas is about coming home again.


12/24/2018 | Home Again

Christmas is about God making a home among us. God isn’t distant but is up close and personal, right in your home. As you look home for Christmas this year, allow Jesus to become the king of your house. A home is only complete when Jesus is its head and ruler.

12/22 - 12/23/2018 | Sharing Home

The beauty of a good home is that it is a place for love and building one another up. Home is about people - those that are with us now, and the ones who have come before. The promise of Christmas is that ultimately, we will get to be with everyone - those we are with now and those with whom we will one day be reunited.

12/15 - 12/16/2018 | Making Home

Earth is our home. God made this earth for all of us, and there is no other option or place to go! When God comes home he invites us to join him in making things right again. Our task is to help prepare the way through our love for each other.

12/8 - 12/9/2018 | Hope for Home

Whether we’re children waiting for Christmas morning or adults longing for home, Christmas brings out a wish list in all of us. But wishes are little more than foolish little lies we tell ourselves to make the day better. The difference between wishful sentimentality and confidence in the future is Jesus. The arrival of God incarnate is the basis for a hope that cannot be shaken. The Prophets weren’t fools, and neither are we.

12/1 - 12/2/2018 | Dreaming of Home

Ever since our original habitat and fellowship with God was broken, God has been calling us home. Because Jesus came to Earth at Christmas, we can indeed go home again. And in the end, we will be at home in a new heaven and a new earth, with no more suffering nor memory of it, where we are present and at peace with God and one another.

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