Sermon Series: Mind Over Grind

8/20 - 9/3/2017

Summertime is over. Now, it’s back to the grind. Why do we have such a sense of dread about the routine? If you are struggling with the grind of life, ask the Holy Spirit to work with you to do something about it. You might just find that with the right mindset our days of joyless routines can turn into a full life consisting of faith, hope, and love.


9/3/2017 | Overcoming Self Interest with Love

Overcoming the grind is impossible without overcoming self-interest. When we allow God’s Holy Spirit to renew our minds, we become a full version of who God is calling us to be: people who love one another.

8/27/2017 | Hope: Overcoming Despair

Things can only get better - or so the saying goes. And sometimes they do. But often, they don’t. How do we reconcile the belief in a better future promised to us in Scripture with the often debilitating challenges and loss that seem to define daily life?

8/20/2017 | Faith: Overcoming Anxiety

How can we overcome the joyless anxiety that so often seems to come with daily life? In his letter to the church at Corinth, the apostle Paul names three key ingredients to help us put mind over grind. The first is faith.

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