Sermon Series: Restoration

5/28 - 6/18/2017

Micah offers people a vision of restoration. Like an old object retrieved form the attic or shed, dusted off, and cleaned back to its original condition, Micah offers the Israelites an opportunity to dust off and restore their relationship with God. The image of restoration also invites us to respond. We have a job to do.


6/18/2017 | Walk Humbly With Your God

If we follow Micah’s commands to do justice and love mercy out of obligation rather than love, they mean nothing. Our actions aren’t about rules, but the practice that grows our relationship with God. Micah's command is an invitation to continually pursue a loving relationship with God. It is the key to becoming the people God made us to be.

6/11/2017 | Love Mercy

The Hebrew word for mercy is most easily translated as “loving kindness.” This loving kindness comes first from God’s essence and God’s grace. As we experience God’s mercy in our lives, our response develops into a desire to do good for others, in body and in spirit. As some have noted, doing good for others is the certain proof of a Christian spirit.

6/4/2017 | Do Justice

While it is easy to focus on being "good", a better starting point may be to consider a challenging question: “Am I doing harm to others in how I live?” This question moves beyond looking for ways to act and invites us to think about how our lives affect those around us. Considering our lives in relationship to others is the first step to fulfilling the directive to do justice.

5/28/2017 | What Does God Require?

Sometimes it's tempting to think of a relationship with God in terms of rules and requirements: what minimum sacrifices are necessary in order to be in good standing? Meeting requirements doesn’t lead to a relationship with God, and God's grace does not come with a cost. Yet, Christian faith, fully lived out, includes an outpouring of justice, mercy, and love of God.

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