Sermon Series: See Clearly Now

1/8 - 2/26/2017

The world is full of people with vision. As followers of Jesus, though, our vision is different than what the world offers. The Bible tells the story of God’s singular vision for humankind  It is a promise of the restoration of God’s creation and our place in it. Our question as a church, as institutional and family leaders, and as individuals is, whose vision do you see?


2/26/2017 | Until There Is No More Need

As children in God’s household, we experience the joy of God’s redemptive vision. But this is not the end of the story. God’s vision isn’t just for some, but for all humankind, and God has no intention of letting us sit around on the couch. We are called to be agents of God’s vision, to create a world with no more pain or mourning, as we preach Christ and serve people, until there is no more need.

2/19/2017 | Vision To Help Others

Most of life is a journey to achieve God’s promised vision of the future. Yet in rare moments we may feel as if we have arrived - that we are in the land of milk and honey, and that life doesn’t get any better. The question in our best times is - now that we have a glimpse of heaven, what are we going to do with it?

2/12/2017 | Vision Which Can Be Rejected

As the people waited for an abundant future, their ability to see God’s vision waned, until they only saw the desert of their current lives. Their complaints increased and they began to long for the slavery of Egypt. As a result, they never saw the Promised Land. As we wait through desert periods, it can become tempting to look backward with misplaced nostalgia. Getting stuck in the past is destructive. Instead, have a different spirit like Caleb and lean on God’s promised future.

2/5/2017 | Vision Through Barriers

God’s people stood on the edge of the long promised land. But the next step to fulfilling it was going to be challenging. Most of the leaders Moses sent to scout the area saw not a land of abundance but giants that blocked the way. But in faith and with enthusiasm, Joshua and Caleb believed that the people were more than able to do the work necessary to make the vision a reality. In fulfilling the vision, there will be challenges, but God will equip you to do the work.

1/29/2017 | Vision That Cannot Be Stopped

Human brokenness and jealous comparison can lead us to compare our lives to others rather than to God’s vision. Jealous of the attention their father gave their brother, Joseph’s siblings sold him into slavery. But over the course of his life in Egypt, Joseph rose in influence and at a critical time of famine was able to save the lives of his family. In spite of suffering, God can redeem the events of our lives and produce not only good things but abundance beyond our imagining.

1/22/2017 | Vision Bigger Than Us

Many years after God’s vision for Abraham’s future, Abraham still found himself an immigrant. Yet God had not abandoned him. The vision was still coming to pass. When Abraham acquires a small piece of land - for a burial plot, no less - he experiences a bit of grace and a glimpse of the future, and the realization that God’s work in our lives is much bigger than what one generation can accomplish.

1/15/2017 | Vision for All People

From God’s first appearance to Abram, throughout the entire story of God’s redemptive work as recorded in the Bible and through the cloud of witnesses, the original vision has remained the same: that we would all together, from every race and every nation, be as one people, part of God’s household, a single nation blessed by God.

1/8/2017 | Vision for a New Day

The new year is a time when we name new goals and dream new visions. However, our visions are not independent and only for our benefit. God has a design for our lives, and it’s a part of a broader story of God’s redemptive action in reconciling us and building God’s kingdom at St. Andrew and around the world. Vision begins with God. When we abide in Jesus, we discover the knowledge and character of God. It is in this pursuit that we find God’s designs on our lives.

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