Sermon Series: Starting Over

1/14 - 2/11/2018

 If you’ve ever played a game, you know the appeal of a do-over. If you’re human, there’s certainly a part of life you wish you could do over, too. But is it really possible to start over, or is life a pile of regrets and consequences? Jesus promises that with faith, we can become a new creation, born with God’s Spirit, and how, when we follow Jesus, God heals sin’s four breaks (from God, from one another, from ourselves, and from creation) and gives us the power of Christ’s resurrection in the midst of our not-yet-redeemed world.


2/11/2018 | New Creation

Sin creates a break between us and creation. But we won't be able to compare our suffering to the glory that is to come. God promises to create a new heaven and a new earth. God isn't just recreating us and other people, but is making everything new.

2/4/2018 | New Covenant

Sin creates a break between us and one another. Life becomes marked by division and hostility. But God promises to reconcile all people into one new humanity and, with a new covenant, to create peace.

1/28/2018 | New Identity

Sin creates a break between us and ourselves. One of the most insidious lies of sin is the idea that when we rebel from laws and rules, we “find ourselves.” The reality is that when we run from God, we run from who we truly are. God promises that with faith in Jesus, we will be made whole.

1/21/2018 | New Heart

Sin creates a break between us and God. While we think we get what we deserve and doubt things can get better, God promises to replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. God doesn't just want to make us feel better. He wants to renew our thoughts, actions and will - our entire lives.

1/14/2018 | New Life

In biblical culture, birth was very public. The entire town knew about it. It was social, messy, painful and noble. All of these ideas apply when Jesus uses birth as a metaphor for spiritual renewal. With faith in Christ, we are made new by the breath of God’s Holy Spirit.

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