Sermon Series: Supporting Actors

6/25 - 8/13/2017

Most of the time, we view ourselves as the main character of our own lives. 

In the entertainment industry, actors that last discover something akin to a biblical truth, which is that sometimes, we’re not the star. We’re the supporting actor. This summer, we’re going to highlight eight people whose actions put the spotlight on God’s power and love, on Jesus, and on the building of God’s kingdom.


8/13/2017 | Timothy

One of the youngest of the early church leaders, Timothy is a protege of Paul, a “loved and trusted child in the Lord,” who excels in modeling and encouraging what it means to walk in the Way and not become distracted by poor teaching.

8/6/2017 | Phoebe

A sister in faith, a servant of the church in Rome, and a sponsor of Paul’s ministry, Phoebe plays a major role in the life of the early church. While only briefly mentioned in the Bible, her presence says volumes about Paul's respect for women believers, women in leadership, and the diversity of backgrounds in the early church.

7/30/2017 | Stephen

Stephen is well-respected in the Christian movement, a man with exceptional faith. He's appointed to leadership roles to solve problems in the community. But his exposure leads to debate and then accusation. He is put on trial. Ultimately, he is murdered for his faith. Yet his story grows the church.

7/23/2017 | Elizabeth

Elizabeth is well aware of her connection to the tradition of God’s people. The Bible describes her as “blameless.” But her life isn't without trouble. With her husband, she has been praying for a child for years, and is now old. One day, her waiting is rewarded, and she becomes pregnant. Her child isn’t just any child, either.

7/16/2017 | Naomi

Naomi loses everything when her husband and sons die in a foreign land. She decides to return home to Israel, and tries to send her daughter-in-law Ruth home to her family, but Ruth insists on staying with her. They work together to survive as widows, and even though Naomi is too old for another husband, their plan leads to new life.

7/9/2017 | Esau

When his little brother Jacob takes the prominence and privilege that is rightfully his, Esau vows revenge. But when they finally meet again, in spite of the legitimacy of the older brother’s grievance and the power he has over Jacob, Esau chooses reconciliation and peace.

7/2/2017 | Jonathan

Supporting characters model loyalty and friendship, even when the result benefits someone else. The eldest son of Israel’s first king, Saul, Jonathan was rightful heir to the throne. But his deep friendship with David was more important, and when Saul threatens to kill David, Jonathan intervenes and clears the way for David to eventually become king.

6/25/2017 | Sarah

God made a promise to Abram and Sarah that set the stage for all that would follow in Scripture and to this day, that their descendants would fill the earth. But how could this be? The couple was childless and old. All things are possible with God - even when we, like Sarah, laugh at the very thought of such blessing.

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