Sermon Series: The Main Thing

3/5 - 4/9/2017

With God’s vision for all people in mind, now the work begins. New visions are exciting and easy to follow, but it’s after the glow has faded when we must become committed.  Our challenge, to use the old saying, is to know and keep the main things of life: to keep our eyes on the summit and our spirits committed to the work ahead.


4/9/2017 | A Generous Thing

What do you get when you climb halfway up a mountain? Nothing except discomfort - cold, wet misery. There are no halfway commitments to reaching the summit. You must decide to go all the way if you go at all. The widow who gave her last coin knew what it meant to keep the main thing the main thing.

4/2/2017 | A Faithful Thing

We long for the rare moments of clarity and joy, when life seems perfect and we’re without worry. These moments are mountaintop glimpses of God’s presence. But like the disciples in the story of the Transfiguration, Jesus calls us back down the mountain to the hurting, lost and lonely in the valley.

3/26/2017 | A Lonely Thing

The space in-between glorious vision and final fulfillment can be long and lonely. God appeared to Abraham, but then years passed while he lived as an immigrant, waiting for the promise to come to pass. It’s no coincidence that the name of the valley in between the mountains of Judah was the In Between. It’s for the in-betweens of life that God gives us community.

3/19/2017 | A Brave Thing

Ask any climber - it’s no small thing to walk away from a comfortable tent and toward extreme physical conditions on the side of a mountain. What motivates them? The joy up on the summit, yes, but also the struggle on the way, too. Similar discoveries await the one with spiritual courage, such as with Micaiah, the lone prophet who would speak truth to power, and the apostles, who stood before the Sanhedrin, life in their hands, knowing they must obey God over any human authority.

3/12/2017 | A Now Thing

Most of the time, it’s not too hard to find several solid excuses for what we really just don’t want to do. A man once came to Jesus with as good of an excuse as you’ll find - he had to attend to his father’s funeral. Jesus knows not only our circumstances, but our hearts. He knows that there’s no halfway mark when it comes to full commitment. You either do it, or you don’t. The only way to experience God’s presence is to move - now.

3/5/2017 | A Crazy Thing

It’s dangerous to pull the stops out, to put all of your eggs in a single basket, to double down. Some say it’s prudent, even wise, to “keep your options open.” But you’ll never experience the summit while hanging out in camp. It may seem crazy, but risking it all is exactly what Jesus asked the disciples to do. If you want to get to the summit, you’ve got to leave comfort behind.

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