Sermon Series: The Net Effect

10/23 - 11/13/2016

Jesus offers a vision of the end result of a life spent following him when he asked Simon the fisherman to let down his nets one more time. Simon had failed all night to catch a single fish. What Jesus suggested seemed to counter conventional wisdom, but when Simon submitted, the net effect was an abundance of fish. When we listen to what Jesus says, the net effect is a life of overwhelming abundance, a life lived to the fullest.


11/13/2016 | The Effect of Giving

The unconventional wisdom of Jesus culminates in the gain of loss. While we are amazed at the catch of fish and the power of Jesus to provide, Jesus’ calling on our life is to leave all that we have. An abundant life is one in we are willing to leave everything, our boats on the shore and all of our possessions, for the incomparable riches of God’s grace in Jesus.

11/6/2016 | The Effect of Service

The abundant life Jesus promises isn’t for our sake but for the glory of God and the kingdom of God. In showing us the effect of submission in the context of a community of partners, Jesus calls us to serve others. The call to “fish for people” is a call to love one another with the love of Christ.

On All Saints Day, we celebrate those who came before us, whose legacy of service in love has benefitted our life and our faith.

10/30/2016 | The Effect of Community

Simon couldn't handle the number of fish that he caught when Jesus told him to drop the nets. He needed his partners to come help him. An abundant life occurs not alone, but in community. By the grace of Jesus, in connection with our community of faith, we are stronger together in our witness.

10/23/2016 | The Effect of Submission

The instructions Jesus gave Simon on how to drop his nets were unconventional wisdom. Rather than dismiss them, Simon humbled himself, and in so doing discovered the beginnings of an abundant life. The important thing isn't that we feel the right things all the right time. It's what we do that matters.The act of worship removes doubts that theories cannot solve. Abundance begins when we submit to Christ’s authority.

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