Sermon Series: Unbalanced

10/22 - 11/12/2017

Gift-giving can be difficult. It's easy to get hung up on the value of our gifts and offerings. The moment we make our gifts into a calculated balancing attempt, it becomes an exchange for services. The good news is we know we're unbalanced, but God loves us anyway. When we understand God's no-strings-attached gift in Jesus, we can respond freely. The more we see God's gift as extravagant, the more extravagantly giving people we want to become. 


11/12/2017 | Transformed

The constant, reliable, and permanent nature of God's steadfast love for us doesn’t depend on us returning the favor. God is extravagant beyond our understanding. The more we follow Jesus, the more we become transformed by God's blessings. When we become extravagant in our desire to share God's gifts with others, we truly discover an abundant life.

11/5/2017 | Trustees

The deeper we understand God's gift to us, the higher our response rises. We become more generous because we learn to trust the giver. We begin to see giving not as something that fits into a category separate from our worship, our relationships and our time, but as part of the whole life of following Jesus.


10/29/2017 | Heirs

An inheritance is a transfer of wealth to an heir on the owner’s death. Through Jesus’ atonement on the cross, we are not only children, but heirs of God’s riches. As children who have received a great gift, we realize that all that we have comes from and belongs to God.

10/22/2017 | Takers

There are five stages to the journey toward becoming generous people. The orientation of Stage 1 people is toward self. They take – they see resources as theirs to keep or give away.

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