Sermon Series: The Wesleyan Way

1/12 - 3/3/2019

Sometimes the “rules” of Christianity can seem so complex. An 18th century English pastor named John Wesley taught that the best guide for the journey of life and faith goes beyond the important forms and rituals of religion to a place of rediscovering the joy and freedom that the earliest followers of Jesus felt. Wesley sparked a worldwide revival of Christian faith by pointing to a way of following Jesus based on a real relationship where we can find God’s grace. This series looks at eight core aspects of faith that lead to a joyful and abundant life.


3/2 - 3/3/2019 | What About My Money?

Talking about money makes us nervous because while we want it to be permanent, it is not. Money is a sign of faith. Rather than something to idolize or something to reject, Jesus teaches us that money comes from God, and how we tackle our money says a lot about how much we trust in God and how well we treat other people.

2/23 - 2/24/2019 | Why is the Christian Life So Hard?

The gap between Jesus and the lifestyles of those who claim to follow Jesus can be so wide that it becomes the reason an unbelieving world does not believe. Our basic nature is not to love God and our neighbor—this is why the Christian life is hard. When Jesus redeems us, he also calls us to a new way of living. This means something very different than simply avoiding immoral actions; it means changing our hearts and lives.

2/16 - 2/17/2019 | How Can I Connect with God?

We know we need God's grace—so what do we do? Jesus tells us to "Seek first." We do this with God by engaging in the practices that allow God to have the biggest impact on our lives. Through the routine habits of daily faith, God is trying to reach us and give us transforming grace, care and love, to do something profound and life-changing.

2/9 - 2/10/2019 | Am I a Sinner?

The world wants to hand out participation trophies for life. But acknowledging our brokenness and limitations isn’t a downer; it is the starting place of wisdom. Sin is a reality—as is the grace that God offers to heal us.

2/2 - 2/3/2019 | Do I Have to Obey the Law?

Even as God offers us unlimited grace and love, God calls us to a life of perfection. This is not an unattainable goal, either but something we can achieve when we follow God’s moral laws and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and shape our lives.

1/26 - 1/27/2019 | Am I a Real Christian?

What happens the day after a person accepts Jesus as their savior? While the life of the almost-Christian practices the rituals of religion and tries to be nice to other people, the life of a real Christian is characterized by real love - sacrificial, giving love, which can begin only on the full realization that God has first loved us.

1/19 - 1/20/2019 | How Can I Be Saved?

On the surface, asking the question, “are you saved?” seems simple - it is a question about the soul. But at different times, Jesus talks about four different kinds of salvation. That’s because Jesus was concerned with the whole person - heart, mind, soul and strength. Salvation is both for the future, and for right now.

1/12 - 1/13/2019 | What is the Bible’s Message?

The kingdom of God is not a set of correct opinions or beliefs, nor is it a physical destination in the clouds for us to go to when we die. It is a state of the soul. The overriding message of Jesus, and therefore of the whole Bible, is that in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, the kingdom of God has come. Christianity is a religion of the heart.

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