Sermon Series: When You Grow Up

4/8 - 5/13/2018

When Jesus invites us to become like little children, he doesn’t intend for us to stay there. Instead, he wants us to grow up, the right way-to not just acquire knowledge but to become full in spirit and truth–mature in thought and action. 


5/13/2018 | Love Your Momma

The sayings in the book of Proverbs are like a parent passing down life lessons to a child. Wisdom doesn't come from a guru on a mountain, but from the community. Wisdom is passed down from parents to children, and grows roots through the interactions of God's people.

5/6/2018 | Be Like Jesus

Many of the wisdom Proverbs use natural or agricultural elements as teaching tools. How poetic is it that God uses this same method to show us who God is in the life of Jesus? Jesus' life in the natural world is the ultimate tool for us to learn who God is and how God interacts with us as human beings.

4/29/2018 | Learn Your Bible

Jesus was raised in a tradition which valued memorizing scripture from early childhood, long before students were given permission to interpret. When God's word lives in our heart, every word becomes a shield, protecting us from danger. The best source for gaining wisdom is the Bible.

4/22/2018 | Do the Hard Thing

Wisdom in Proverbs is not a set of mystical sayings, but a practical look at the choices you make in life. The effects of your daily habits may seem invisible, but over time these choices form your character, so that one day you will stand like a majestic oak rising over the landscape.

4/15/2018 | Ignore Fools

Studies have shown that over a period of years, you become like the people you associate with. In the Proverbs, a fool is someone who thinks they have it “together.” Fools don't know their own limitations. They reject wisdom because they don’t think they need it. Avoid fools, and surround yourself with friends more concerned with loving than being right.

4/8/2018 | Listen to Jesus

There are two ways to gain wisdom, the “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment,” according to Google. The first is the world’s way, the way of common sense and mom-isms and the philosophers. Then there is God’s way. Two paths; no other. According to the book of Proverbs, these two paths are the ways of Folly and Wisdom, for the only way to true wisdom is through God. We all have to choose. Which path will you take?

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