Sermon Series: Who is Andrew

4/30 - 5/21/2017

The life of the Apostle Andrew, the first evangelist, embodies our aim of spreading the word of God and sharing good works. We ask, Who is Andrew? And as we explore the life of our namesake, we understand the meaning of our mission, "Calling the Christian-ish to become passionate servants of Christ."


5/21/2017 | Connecting Others to Jesus

Like Andrew, we want to be servants whose spirit of generosity and invitation will change the world.

5/14/2017 | Changing Hearts and Lives

Like when Andrew brought some Greeks from Phillippi to Jesus, we at St. Andrew are focused not just on our own community but on bringing people to Jesus from the broader culture, in North Texas and beyond. When we invite and connect, the hearts that change are both other people's and our own.

5/7/2017 | Passionate Servants

Like when Andrew brought the boy with the lunch to Jesus, we at St. Andrew look for opportunities to share our resources, not matter how great or small, so that our community may experience the abundant life in Christ.

4/30/2017 | The Family of Faith

Like when Andrew brought Peter to Jesus, we at St. Andrew see God move through relationships and taking risks to join people in a family of faith for God's kingdom.

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