Sermon Series: You Can't Always Get What You Want

8/15 - 9/6/2020

After months of hoping a pandemic would end, we all know what it feels like when we do not get what we want. After so many disappointments, how do we move forward as faithful disciples? When we feel like God chooses to be silent, how do we hold on to the hope Christ promises us? What do we do when God doesn’t give us what we want? In these four weeks we will explore the lessons scripture holds for us during these difficult times, holding on to our Christian hope in the process.


9/5 - 9/6/2020 | One Day It Will All Be Well

So many of us wait for the things we’ve dreamed of, for the things we want most. Some of us never see those dreams realized. One of the most renowned leaders of the Bible saw his dream with his own eyes, but Moses died before he could experience it. What does it mean for us when our prayers are unanswered? What do we do when we never get what we want?

8/29 - 8/30/2020 | Sometimes You Wanted the Wrong Thing

The beauty of the church is the many diverse people who make up the Body of Christ. We know that with diversity comes complexity, and the same was true for the first Christians. In the midst of a debate, some learned they wanted the wrong things for this fledgling family of God.

8/22 - 8/23/2020 | Sometimes Someone Else Gets What You Want

Envy is named as one of the seven deadly sins, and for good reason. We often become our worst selves when we watch someone else get what we want. As we read the story of Leah and her sister Rachel this week, we discover this is not a new problem. How can we learn to be faithful when we watch someone else taking what should have been ours?

8/15 - 8/16/2020 | Sometimes You Get Something Better

The arrival of a Messiah was not a surprise to any of the faithful Jews of Jesus’s day. Instead, these people who had hoped and prayed for the Christ were shocked to find a savior who did things differently. Peter wanted a Messiah who would cleanse the Temple and kick out pagan oppressors. Instead, Jesus showed mercy to all through unimaginable sacrifice.

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