2/15 - 2/16/2020 | Series: Heavenly Virtues

Truthfully, most of us aren’t cruel, at least not like a movie villain. However, we can offer a weak form of interaction with others, never engaging our heart and only trying to "check a box" to make sure we meet expectations. We can only truly be kind when we first see the worth of those around us. As Jesus describes it, we serve Christ by loving and serving others.

Rev. Arthur Jones | 2/16/2020 | 11:00 AM Contemporary

Dr. Scott Engle, Rev. Arthur Jones | 2/16/2020 | 9:30 AM Traditional

Rev. Allison Jean | 2/16/2020 | 9:30 AM Contemporary

Rev. Jimmy Decker | 2/15/2020 | 5:30 PM Traditional

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