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Check here for updates and documents you may need to participate in our events. At St. Andrew, we want students to feel a sense of purpose and belonging, and keeping parents and family up to date is essential to our students' development.

Text the applicable code below to 81010
to sign up:

6th Grade | @saumc-2026
7th Grade | @saumc-2025
8th Grade | @saumc2024
9th Grade | @samuc2023
10th Grade | @saumc2022
11th Grade | @saumc2021 
12th Grade | @saumc2020

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Did you know the youth group has our own Flickr account?

If you have photos from youth events that you would like to share, click here and upload your photos! Please make sure all photos are church appropriate!

Latest Photo Album

Check here for our most recent photo album. Currently, we've got images from Camp Impact 2019. To browse the slideshow, click or press the left or right edge of the photo. Click anywhere else on the photo to view the album on Flickr.