Carry each other’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

St. Andrew Support Groups

At St. Andrew, we feel called to share in Christ's love with one another. We offer these resources for times of hardship and uncertainty.

Cancer Resource Group

The Cancer Resource Group seeks to help both patients and caregivers navigate the new world of emotions, needs, and treatments by pairing with someone who has previously coped with a similar diagnosis. Meetings or interactions will be personalized as the patient/caregiver desires. Please contact Susan Hauser at 972.378.7852 to request pairing or to become a part of the resource group as a survivor or health-care provider.

Treasured Times Alzheimer’s Support

Treasured Times is a respite ministry of Custer Road UMC designed to provide care to those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) or related dementia in a safe, secure and caring environment, allowing those with the disease to enjoy socialization outside the home and their caregivers to enjoy time to themselves free from worry and responsibility. St. Andrew supports this caring mission and those with family or friends needing this respite ministry. If you would like to volunteer to serve in this wonderful initiative, please click here for more information.

Families Anonymous

Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m., Room 121
Families Anonymous is a fellowship of parents, relatives and friends who have faced up to the reality that a loved one’s addiction to alcohol, drugs, or harmful behaviors is seriously affecting lives and ability to function. Participants are dedicated to doing something constructive about their approach to someone else’s problem. We begin to learn from our own experience and benefit from the shared experiences of others in the fellowship. We realize that we are not alone, and that we can know a new freedom from worry and despair. Contact David Ashburner for more information.

Career Care

Career Care is a free, weekly networking/coaching group helping those who are out of work or “mis-employed” and seeking a career change. The group is open to the community at no cost. Established in 2001, Career Care is one of the longest serving groups in DFW and has helped thousands in their career transitions.

Career Care provides comprehensive support:

  • Job postings
  • Networking to build job leads/contacts, including LinkedIn group
  • Speakers teaching search skills (resumé, interviewing, etc.)
  • Free, volunteer coaches to assist one-on-one with resumés, etc.
  • Career assessment testing
  • Private budget/debt counseling at no charge
First time guests

No pre-registration is necessary to attend. Park off 1401 Mira Vista Blvd. in our East parking lot, enter the East Patio doors to Room 131.

First-time visitors should come at 5:45 p.m. to register and attend the new member orientation “Quick Start Your Search” in Room 133 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. There, our volunteers will cover how to handle your search successfully, provide a resume template, and register you for job postings. Then, at 7:00 p.m., you will join the main meeting.

Employers or volunteers: please email Bill Brewer 214-291-8082 to send job postings to reach qualified candidates at no charge, or to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

Main Meeting for All Members

Room 131
6:30–7:00 p.m. | Registration and fellowship begins (new members start at 6 p.m.). Sign in by 7 p.m. for networking roll call sheet. Late arrivals will not have their names called but should still come to take advantage of all the meeting content.

7:00–7:15 p.m. | Devotional and announcements
7:15–8:00 p.m. | Group networking
8:00–9:00 p.m. | Speaker topic

In addition, we offer one-on-one meetings (by appointment only for those attending our weekly meetings) with volunteers to assist you with your resumé, interviewing, and other career issues.


April 1 | Executive Guest Speaker Series
“Informational Interviewing”
Dennis O’Hagan; Speaker and Leader of DFW Career Focus

April 8
“The Winning Resume”
Phil Resch; Partner / Executive Recruiter, The Sandhurst Group; Co-Founder Career Care

April 15
“The Power Networking Strategy”
Jay Arbetter; Author of “The Power Networking Strategy”, Senior Vice-President, UBS; Board member JFS; Workshop Leader

April 22
Closed (Holiday)

April 29
“Distinctive Interviewing”
Walt Glass; Interview Success Coach
Testimonies: “The information he provides is very comprehensive, from how to skillfully present yourself in your interview to how you should be interviewing your prospective employer.”

May 6
“Negotiating the Offer ... Securing Your Value”
Stephen Kyriakos; Manager of Business Intelligence, NTTA

Check back for future agendas. For more information or to suggest additional topics, email Bill Brewer or call 214-291-8082.

DFW career focus group

St. Andrew also sponsors DFW Career Focus Group meetings, a free, weekday job networking group every Tuesday morning, 8:00-10:00 a.m. in Festival Hall. No pre-registration is necessary to attend. Park off 1401 Mira Vista Blvd. in our East parking lot, enter the East Patio doors to Room 234.


"There's something about that moment when you're sitting there with the HR person, and you realize, 'Wow. This is happening, and it's me.'" – Employment challenges can strike anyone at any time. Career Care offers love and support when it's needed the most.


Finance Care

St. Andrew Finance Care Ministry seeks to help people understand how to handle their money according to God’s principles so that they may become faithful stewards of the Master’s resources and learn true contentment. Whether you are experiencing financial challenge from debt, or have sound finances but feeling suffocated by materialism that is robbing your spiritual vitality in your relationships, this ministry has resources to offer you. For more information or appointments, email Bill Brewer or call 214.291.8082.

Individual Debt/Budget Counseling

Confidential, individual budget counseling is available to help people who may be in financial trouble or who want to personally understand how to apply God’s principles in their lives in a one-on-one setting. Budget counselors have been trained and certified through Crown Financial Ministries’ Budget Counselor Training program. There is no cost, and no financial products are sold. Voluntary donations of $5-$25 to St. Andrew are accepted.

Budget Counseling Focus

To encourage people being counseled to mature spiritually as Jesus’ disciples and discover the joy of incorporating God-honoring financial management principles into their lives.

To help people who are in financial trouble develop a budget and debt repayment plan and establish positive habits for management of their personal finances so that they may reach a point where they achieve financial stability.

To identify people who are doing all they can to make ends meet but due to circumstances beyond their control are unable to meet their financial obligations and direct them to appropriate church ministries or people to provide appropriate forms of financial assistance.

To assist people who have a financial surplus in recognizing their God-given responsibilities for stewardship and to identify opportunities to fulfill those responsibilities.

What to Expect in a Budget Counseling Session

Counseling Process
If you are married, both husband and wife should plan on attending together, otherwise very little can be accomplished. The budget counselor will assist you in evaluating your present spending pattern and help you work towards a balanced spending plan. Once the spending plan is agreed upon, the budget counselor will act as an accountability partner with you and will inform you of other studies that will enhance your understanding of biblical stewardship.

Information Needed
You may be asked to bring your checkbook register, income tax forms, paycheck stubs, bank statements, current bills, or other related information.

Meeting Location
You will be asked to meet in a neutral location at St. Andrew where there is privacy and sufficient table space to work on your budget.

Session Length
Sessions run between 1 and 2 hours. More than one session is usually required to complete the planning process.

Please note: Topics like investing, insurance, financial planning, and other related areas are not covered, other than to include these categories in a written spending plan if needed. If you are specifically looking for this type of help, we suggest that you contact a professional near you.

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

February 12 - April 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Room 131
Click here to register
Improve your money management skills, eliminate debt, and find financial peace with this 9-week class series. Call 214.291.8024 for childcare information. Member kit is $109 per family (free shipping). Try the first class free as a trial before ordering the kit. If you want a free trial before committing, then only email Bill Brewer or call 214.291.8082, so we know you are coming for a free trial for the first class. If you decide to continue, you can order directly from the Dave Ramsey site.

“Marriage and Money”

45-minute program; perfect for Sunday Schools and other groups, contact Bill Brewer or call 214.291.8082.

"raising money-savvy kids"

45-minute program; perfect for parents in Sunday Schools and other groups. Biblically-based guidelines for parents raising children to learn and practice financial wisdom (applies to ages 3-18). Contact Bill Brewer or call 214.291.8082.